Creating great tours requires two elements, high-quality photos, and well written captions.
High-quality Photos   [ Tips for Taking Better Tour Photos ]
  1. Take pictures with a high resolution digital camera. Today, you can purchase a 7.3 megapixel camera for less than $300. Regardless, we recommend using photos with a minimum quality of 4 mega pixels.
  2. Be sure to take pictures from many angles and/or positions in the room. Whenever possible use a wide-angle lens to produce the widest view of the room. Horizontal pictures work best with our tours.
  3. When taking your pictures, be aware of reflections in mirrors and glass panels.
  4. The best time of day to shoot most homes is at dusk but go ahead and turn on all the lights in your home and open all window coverings. Be sure your camera's automatic flash setting is enabled.
  5. Remember to photograph views, local parks, schools, natural settings or any point of interest that is considered a selling point of the home and its community.
Captions   [ Tips for Writing Better Tour Captions ]
  1. Write captions that add to the information visible in the shot, not ones that are redundant.
  2. Try to convey what it would be like to live and entertain in this home. Capture the type of lifestyle it would provide the owner.
  3. Try our list of adjectives, or use a thesaurus while writing your captions. It helps if you write your captions before you build your tour.
But don't stress, you can always go back and edit your tour.